Frequently Asked Questions

My Men’s Liberty doesn’t stay on as long as it should. What should I do?

The first step in making sure you get 24 hours or more of wear time is to always wash the anatomy with a non-moisturizing bar soap such as lvory or Gold Bar Dial. Do not use liquid soaps as they contain moisturizers, which will reduce adhesion and keep Men’s Liberty from sealing to your skin. Next, apply Men’s Liberty to clean, dry skin. Men’s Liberty will not seal to your skin if it is damp. Lastly, allow the BioPlus+ prep wipe to dry completely before applying Men’s Liberty. BioPlus+ feels sticky on the skin when it is wet. You will know the BioPlus+ has dried completely when it is no longer sticky. A short wear time for the first application is normal. It generally takes 2-3 applications the first day to build the wear time up to the 24 hours. As soon as the first one fails, it is extremely important to put a new one on immediately. Do not go back and forth between a diaper/pad and the Men’s Liberty otherwise you will not be able to build up the wear time.

Men’s Liberty Learning Curve

Wear times continue to improve through the first few applications, as skin returns to a normal moisture balance. Moisture trapped in the skin by condom catheters and pads interferes with Men’s Liberty’s seal and limits wear times of initial applications. Do not use other products between Men’s Liberty applications. Excess skin moisture caused by other incontinence products will interfere with Men’s Liberty’s seal, shortening wear time.

Short wear time: A reduction in wear time is almost always due to:

  • Glans of the penis not completely clean and free of oils/wax/soap residue
  • Use of a soap that contains moisturizers/lotions
  • Glans not completely dry after washing
  • Glans not completely dry after application of the BioPlus+ Skin Barrier Wipe
  • Change in caregivers who may not be trained in proper application
  • Build up of hydrocolloid residue. This can be removed with FreeDerm or other Adhesive Remover products
  • Switching Products - Men’s Liberty is designed to be used continually, any breaks in usage (use of condom caths/diapers) will shorten wear time, by re-introducing excess skin moisture
  • Change in health- such as reduced dexterity, skin irritation, new medications

Troubleshooting Leaks, when the wear time exceeds 12 hours

What time do you apply Men’s Liberty?
You may want to try applying Men’s Liberty in the early morning because your body may hold less moisture.

How many times have you used Men’s Liberty in a row without using another product?
We do not recommend jumping back and forth between products. It generally takes 2 to 3 applications to bring the skin back to its original state.
Repeated applications allows the hydrocolloid adhesive in Men’s Liberty to bond to the skin and give you the 24 hour wear time that you are looking to achieve. When you stop using Men’s Liberty and go to another product such as diapers or diaper pads your skin becomes saturated and the skin repair process starts over. The skin has to be brought back to it’s original state in order for the adhesive to bond properly.

Are you leaking urine?
In order for the product to stick, the skin has to be clean and dry when applying Men’s Liberty. Lying down may reduce the amount of urine that leaks
out when applying. We recommend using a KindKlamp to temporarily stop the flow of urine.

Leaking small amount from the underside of the penis.

There is a sealing issue in the frenulum area.

lf leaking from the underside.
Apply pressure and hold the faceplate seal to the grove at the underside of the penis prior to wrapping around the tip of the penis.

lf leaking from the top.
When applying the faceplate seal, make sure that you use a tight seal 360 degrees around the tip. ln addition, you can wrap a colored tissue around the tip of the penis and periodically check the tissue this will indicate the exact spot the leak is coming from.

My Men’s Liberty started leaking immediately following the application.

You may not have allowed the BioPlus to dry completely. Attaching the faceplate when the BioPlus hasn’t dried will often cause Men’s Liberty to leak or come off within a few hours of the application. Also, check to make sure that the faceplate strip is wrapped around the top of the plastic tube and over the petals. If the strip does not wrap all the way around you may need an additional faceplate strip to keep the product on.

The hole of the faceplate wasn’t aligned properly with the urinary opening of the penis.

You may be leaking during the application. The slightest droplet of urine that passes through during the application will cause the product to fail. If you have constant leaking, you will need to use a penile clamp or our KindKlamp during the application process.

I just got my supplies today – when should I start?

Before getting started, make sure that you wash the groin area with a non-moisturizing bar of soap. We recommend either using Ivory bar or gold bar Dial. Do not use liquid soaps. Start on a day that you are going to be home. We suggest this because the Men’s Liberty device has a “learning curve” which means you will probably go through 3 applications the first day. This allows your skin to become accustomed to the adhesive and also the adhesive will pull any excess moisture from your skin to bring it to a healthier balance for it to adhere to. The first application typically lasts 3-6 hours before it will start to leak. As soon as you notice that it is leaking or coming loose from the skin, remove it and put a new one on immediately so that it may continue to build on the wear time. The second application should last around 8-12 hours and by the third one, you should be up to the 24 hours or longer. We recommend you watch the application video at before your first application.

How long can I wear Men’s Liberty?

Recommended wear time is 24-48 hours. One Men’s Liberty is designed to be worn for up to 24 hours. You can wear Men’s Liberty all day and all night. Many Men’s Liberty users suggest changing Men’s Liberty first thing in the morning, or after they take a shower.

How do I remove Men’s Liberty?

Men’s Liberty can be removed using FreeDerm adhesive remover. A bottle comes with each order of your supplies. FreeDerm comes in a spray bottle and releases Men’s Liberty immediately. FreeDerm is extremely skin friendly and leaves no residue. Once applied to the skin, FreeDerm flash dries and doesn’t require washing. You can immediately apply your next Men’s Liberty unit. While FreeDerm is recommended to remove Men’s Liberty, if you do not have FreeDerm, you can remove Men’s Liberty by soaking in warm water. Be sure to never pull or tear Men’s Liberty off the skin. If Men’s Liberty is still sealed to the skin in some spots, soak for a little while longer. It can take up to 15 minutes to release the seal with water, so patience is important here!

Where does the Men’s Liberty bag go?

Bag placement is very important. You want to place the bag where is lays flat against the inside of your leg. Do not tuck it up inside your underwear. Doing this may cause the bag to fold or kink where it does not drain properly and may cause it to back-up.

How often should I empty the Men’s Liberty bag?

The Men’s Liberty bag holds 8oz of fluid. How frequently you will need to empty the bag will vary by individual. We recommend that the bag be emptied when it is about 2/3 full. You do not want to overfill the bag or it will back up and cause it to leak. For men who need additional urine storage, the small pouch can be connected to any standard leg or bedside urine bag.

I have allergies – can I wear Men’s Liberty?

If you have an allergy or sensitivity to tape, we would recommend doing a skin test before using Men’s Liberty. Simply cut a small piece of hydrocolloid (the adhesive) off a faceplate seal and place it on the inside of your forearm just below the elbow. If after about 3-4 hours there is no sign of irritation, you should be fine to use the product.

The BioPlus says “no sting” but it burns when I apply, is something wrong?

Some men may experience a slight stinging when using the BioPlus, however, this sensation generally goes away once it dries. If the stinging sensation continues, stop using the BioPlus and call the Men’s Liberty nurse.

I am not circumcised; can I wear Men’s Liberty?

Uncircumcised men may use Men’s Liberty as long as they can retract the foreskin to expose the head of the penis. We suggest using a KindKlamp or penile clamp to hold the foreskin back during the application. If you cannot retract the foreskin, we do not recommend attaching Men’s Liberty overtop the foreskin without consulting your physician.

I can’t get my foreskin back to the natural resting position.

Once the device is attached and you cannot bring the foreskin back overtop to its natural position, you may use a small amount of Vaseline or some other kind of lubricant on top of the adhesive to help ease it back to the natural resting position.

When I removed my Men’s Liberty, the tip of my penis looked swollen and irritated.

If there are no other symptoms involved such as pain, itching, or burning, chances are when you were attaching Men’s Liberty, you may have pressed or pushed too hard. If you apply too much pressure during application, increased suction may cause the tip of the penis to get irritated when pulled inside the plastic tube.

Can Men’s Liberty be worn under shorts?

Yes! Men’s Liberty is designed to be worn comfortably under normal clothing, including long shorts.

Still have additional questions?

Schedule time with our nurses to walkthrough how to apply the product.