Enjoy the party without the bathroom worry

Stop thinking about your bladder and start enjoying the party. It’s possible with Men’s Liberty that you can get out of the house without the need for frequent bathroom breaks or diaper changes. Our unique system means you can be confident, relax and have fun. Leave worry behind and head for the dance floor.   […]

The age of incontinence

Contrary to popular belief, incontinence is not necessarily a normal part of aging. Nor does it only impact men of a certain age. In fact, men of all ages experience incontinence for a variety of reasons.   What causes incontinence? Urinary incontinence or the involuntary leakage of urine is associated with a number of health […]

Men’s Liberty and skin care

Using a catheter used to mean significant risk of rash and infection. Men’s Liberty is a game changer. We have shipped more than 5 million units with zero attributable adverse reactions or UTIs. Men’s Liberty is designed with your freedom, comfort and confidence in mind.   Risk to skin The primary risk to skin with […]

Join the catheter club

Think you’re the only man wearing a catheter? Think again! Catheters are quite common. In fact, you probably already know men who have experience with catheter use.   Why use a catheter? Urinary incontinence is commonly associated with several things such as prostate problems, nerve damage and traumatic injury. There are four main types: Urge […]

Weathering Incontinence

Weathering Incontinence Is it possible to be spontaneous, feel sexy and excel in your sport with incontinence? Absolutely. The secret is confidence. Get protection you can count on, so you feel like yourself with Men’s Liberty. Keep your focus off your bladder and on the things you love. Weathering incontinence is easier when it isn’t […]

How To Relieve Back Pain At Home

Back pain is a common complaint. In fact, it is one of the top factors in missed work and doctor’s appointments. Here’s how to get some relief when back pain gives you the blues.   Common causes of back pain   Sitting A big driver of back pain is improper sitting. Poor posture causes undue […]

Dealing with incontinence denial

Coming to terms with incontinence is sometimes a process. If despite all the evidence, your loved one seems to keep his head in the sand, its time to take action. These tips can help. Be direct Talking about incontinence can be embarrassing, so choose your words carefully. Remind your loved one that incontinence is a […]

7 back pain stretches for immediate back pain relief

  Soothe your sore back with these easy stretch moves. Knee to chest stretch Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor. Bring both hands to your right knee and pull it gently toward your chest. Hold without straining or pulling, then release. Replace leg and repeat on the left. Cat Pose Use […]

When you’re dad’s caregiver

Communication is vital for a strong caregiving relationship. When you take on the role of dad’s caregiver, these tips can help ease some common challenges. Listen Being reliant on care may have a significant impact on your dad’s sense of self. Listen carefully to what he says with words, behavior and body language. Check in […]

Suffering in silence

Urinary incontinence is a common problem among men across age groups. Despite this, many men find it difficult to discuss. Misconceptions about lost virility and shame leave men suffering in silence. Incontinence is a medical condition. Receiving a diagnosis of incontinence does not diminish your manhood or vitality. Finding the courage to face the problem […]