Catheters vs. Diapers vs. Other Absorbents: What Are The Pros and Cons of Using An External Catheter Over An Adult Diaper?

Trying to decide on the best option for living well with incontinence? Consider the pros and cons of the most common options, adult diapers, and external catheters.   Benefits of adult diapers Adult diapers are widely available. Buy them just about anywhere including grocery, convenience and big box stores. You can even buy them online […]

What are the Best Types of Clothing To Wear With Incontinence?

Living with incontinence can impact your life in ways you may not realize at first. Knowing what to expect and planning ahead can reduce frustration and stress. The type of clothing you wear is one example. Ideally, you want to wear clothing that makes your life easier. Your clothing choices might be guided by your […]

What Types of Things or Situations Make Incontinence Worse?

One way to manage incontinence symptoms is to understand what kinds of things make it worse. Here are some things to look out for:   Certain medications Check labels and talk with your doctor if you notice that any medications you are taking worsen incontinence. Common culprits include antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, sleep aids, […]

What Types of Catheters Are Available For Men?

  There are four common types of catheters. The right one for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Learn more about each below.   Intermittent catheter Much like the name suggests, you use this type of catheter throughout the day to empty your bladder when needed. A tube is inserted through your urethra to […]

How Does the Male Urinary System Work and How to Prevent Infection?

The urinary system performs several vitally important functions we don’t often think about until there is a problem. Learn more here about how the system works.   The male urinary system The main parts of your urinary system include the kidneys, urethra, sphincters, ureters, and bladder. The urinary system filters the blood. The nutrients you […]

What solutions are available for incontinence caused by cancer?

Incontinence care after cancer has advanced significantly in recent years. Your doctor can help you understand options and after discussing your treatment goals, help you decide what is right for you. Here are just a few of the available choices.   Behavioral changes Living with incontinence can be frustrating. Although a lot of men find […]

What can I use to manage my incontinence after leaving the hospital?

Incontinence after surgery and radiation is common and manageable. The problem is caused by changes in the bladder, sphincter, and valves involved with controlling the release of urine. Many men find that incontinence is resolved or improved within 6 to 12 months. These tips can help with incontinence management.   Be proactive Perhaps the most […]

How is urinary incontinence diagnosed? Understanding your diagnosis.

Urinary incontinence or the involuntary release of urine is a common problem. Causes include prostate health, injury, neurological problems, infections, and traumatic injury. The first step for finding strategies for living vibrantly with incontinence is talking with your doctor. Here’s what you can expect during your visit.   Prepare for your visit Your doctor will […]