Using a catheter can take some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the freedom and convenience they offer. Read on to learn more.   Freedom from worry Many guys managing incontinence worry so much about leaks and accidents they stop doing the things they enjoy. Men’s Liberty has developed […]

Incontinence or the involuntary release of urine, is a common medical condition. Still, it can feel embarrassing and difficult to talk about. Are you ignoring signs that may point to incontinence? These tips will help you decode your body’s signals.   You notice urine leakage You may have noticed that urine leaks when you lift, […]

Catheters offer convenience and protection that absorbents just can’t match. Despite their many advantages, some catheters carry significant risk of infection (UTI). That risk can increase when you’re out and about. Are you using a catheter at work? Stay comfortable and safe with these tips.   Wash hands thoroughly Indwelling and intermittent catheters require insertion. […]

Incontinence is a common and manageable medical diagnosis. Here are a few things to think about after your diagnosis.   Congratulations Maybe it doesn’t feel like congratulations are in order, but they are. Despite the signs, many men do not have the courage to visit the doctor to understand what is going on and learn […]

Have you been diagnosed with incontinence? Know that you are still you. A diagnosis is different from a definition. A diagnosis is about a condition of the body. A definition is about who you are at your core. A condition of the body does not change who you are at the core of your being. […]

Don’t let incontinence keep you from the things you enjoy. You can still lead an active, satisfying life. These tips can help.   Recognize the signs Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is coming to terms with a diagnosis of incontinence. Know that you aren’t alone. Millions of other men have also been diagnosed with […]

Share your skills and talents without the stress or worry about accidents. Men’s Liberty gives you the freedom to do what you love and feel more like yourself again. Go ahead and sign up to coach little league or serve on the board. With Men’s Liberty, all they’ll see is your service. Incontinence will stay […]

Worried about traveling while managing your male incontinence? Don’t be. Travel across the state or around the world confidently with Men’s Liberty.   Enjoy more freedom with Men’s Liberty Do more of what you want to do without worrying about changing your clothes or scoping out the nearest bathroom. Travel comfortably, too. Men’s Liberty is […]

Starting a new job is exciting and a bit stressful. It’s your time to show off your experience and skills. The last thing you want is to worry about leakage or accidents. Don’t worry, Men’s Liberty will be with you every step of the way. On your feet or behind a desk, Men’s Liberty provides […]

Breaking the Silence: A Look at Prostate Cancer One of the most common types of male cancer, prostate cancer is cancer that affects the prostate, a gland shaped like a walnut responsible for producing the seminal fluid that nourishes and carries sperm. Prostate cancer is slow-growing cancer that first grows in the prostate gland, where […]