Traveling to the Beach with Incontinence: Don’t Let it Interrupt Your Vacation!

Summer is here which means long travels to the beach, swimming and exploring. It can be an exciting time for you and your family, but it can also be stressful because of your incontinence. It is important to take back control of your life and your bladder, especially when you are trying to enjoy a […]

Why Diet Matters When Suffering From Incontinence

Unfortunately, there is no “diet” to cure incontinence. On the other hand, what you are eating can have an important effect on the issues you may be facing. When suffering from incontinence, it is important to understand all the ways that you can help to manage your problems. Read on to learn more about how […]

You can still have a sex life even with a catheter – Catheter use doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex

If you think incontinence means you can no longer enjoy a healthy sex life, think again. You can do the things you normally do, including have sex, with a little creativity. These ideas are from men who are also living with incontinence.   Empty your bladder before sex Some men have found that spacing liquids […]