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ReliaFit Case Study

Doctor Taking Senior Patient's Blood Pressure In Hospital

ReliaFit Hospital Evaluation

Medical professionals, are you looking for a reliable external catheter to use in your practice that can help reduce urinary tract infections in your patients? In autumn 2012, Men’s Liberty (known as ReliaFit in the hospital setting) was evaluated by a large Midwestern hospital chain. The results of this hospital evaluation were very positive with more than 70% of nurses preferring ReliaFit to the currently available alternative!

Why? Because of ReliaFit’s ability to reduce hospital-acquired infections and urinary tract infections due to indwelling catheters. Since ReliaFit is an external catheter, the chance of infection is greatly decreased, even though these catheters have a greater wear time. They are easier to apply than a traditional condom catheter and have better performance; men will feel secure and free using ReliaFit. It’s a win-win for the patient and the practitioner. Interested, but need more information? Request a Clinician Info Kit. It’s hassle-free and makes a great decision-making guide for catheter investment.

Maybe you wish you could completely eliminate condom catheters and unnecessary indwelling catheters; your patients probably wish the same. With Men’s Liberty ReliaFit, incontinence care is easier for men as well as caregivers and nurses and practitioners. Read the full details of the hospital evaluation here:

ReliaFit Hospital Evaluation

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Click the video below to watch the ReliaFit application video.

Why choose ReliaFit? Because these catheters are compatible even with the most sensitive skin. They are made from hydrocolloid adhesive – safe for anyone, and creates a secure, skin-friendly seal that promotes stability and dryness. Men will feel confident wearing ReliaFit, and they will re-gain their freedom as less bathroom stops will be required to change catheters. ReliaFit has a great wear time and keeps men comfortable by sitting outside of the body.

Learn more about ReliaFit external catheters:
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