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Men’s Liberty works with a range of distribution partners to get you your urinary incontinence products and manage all the billing to your insurance or Medicare. Remember, Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare as well as most insurance plans. Visit our insurance page to find out more information on how to begin receiving Men’s Liberty through your insurance. If you are a caregiver looking for incontinence alternatives, read more about our distributors and how to access Men’s Liberty for your loved one.

For more information on any of our distribution partners providing us with the best incontinence supplies, check out the links below!


Domestic Distributors

WebABC Medical is the first and only provider of Urological supplies and other medical products committed to the financial and practical support of adaptive sports. We offer an unmatched combination of products, education, service and outreach to help our customers live healthier more active lives. Like the community we serve, we believe firmly in doing the most with what we’ve got.


LibertyLiberty offers top-quality Diabetes supplies, as well as Insulin Pumps, Sleep Apnea, Ostomy and Urology products. We stock products from the leading brands, along with personalized service, resources and information from specially trained representatives. And our Liberty Pharmacy provides home-delivery of medications, too.


National RehabNational Rehab (NR) supplies medical products that help people lead healthier, and happier lives. We are a provider of Wound Care, Urological, Ostomy and Diabetic Supplies as well as orthopedic products. But NR views itself as much more than a supplier of medical products. We think of ourselves as a partner in patient care. As such, we believe that we have an obligation to ensure patients receive the best service possible.


A full service national home medical supplier of Urological, Incontinence, Ostomy and Wound Care as well as Diabetic Supplies and Nutritional Services.

“People helping people – It’s what YourCare is all about”


CCS MedicalCCS Medical is a rapidly growing provider of quality home medical supplies and services to patients with chronic conditions throughout the United States. By working closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations CCS ensures the seamless coordination and efficient delivery of critical medical supplies directly to patient’s doorsteps. CCS Medical is a leader in the industry and is recognized as the most-recommended provider by healthcare professionals because of our commitment to quality, compliance and superior customer care.


edgepark logoEdgepark Medical Supplies was founded in 1928, and is the industry leader in home delivery of disposable medical products, serving the chronically ill, and the growing aging population. Edgepark provides their customers with the resources to live their best lives by offering a wide breadth of products, an extensive network of insurance coverage, and excellent customer service. Edgepark is part of Cardinal Health, Inc.


Acute Care/LTAC Distributors/Rep Groups

EloquestEloquest Healthcare® launched as a Ferndale Pharma Group company in February 2008. Eloquest Healthcare® is focused specifically on serving hospitals, their healthcare practitioners, and patients. Eloquest Healthcare® provides value within the acute care market by helping to improve dermal outcomes.

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