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Tips for Preventing Skin Rashes

Side Effect of External Catheters: Skin Rash

One of the most common side effects of external catheters, condom catheters or pads, is skin rash or irritation. This is usually due to the catheter being the wrong size, being on for an extended amount of time, or moisture on the skin from leakage.

How to Prevent Skin Rash from a Catheter

Here are a few tips for preventing skin irritation from external catheters:

  • Size it right. When choosing an external catheter, make sure it is the correct size. If it is loose, leakage will occur and cause irritation, but if it is too tight it’s possible to get a skin rash and to cause constriction injuries including gangrene and ulcerations. Choose the right diameter and length to help prevent leaks and moisture that can irritate the skin.
  • Avoid acrylic adhesives. Acrylic adhesives on condom catheters should be avoided as they are a milder form of duct tape.
  • Make sure skin is completely dry before application. Help avoid a skin rash from a catheter by making sure the skin is completely dry before applying it. Wet skin can soften and get easily worn away, causing rashes and irritation from the catheter.
  • Don’t wear the external catheter longer than the recommended time. Most male external catheters can be worn for up to 24 hours, but wearing them for too long can cause irritation. It’s important to find out what works best for you or your loved one by initially checking the seal every few hours upon the first application. Change the external catheter as soon as there are any signs of leakage; this way, you’ll be able to figure out the average length of time you can go between changes.
  • Remove with an adhesive remover. Using a remover will alleviate the side effects of the adhesive and make the removal process much smoother by protecting the skin.

Men’s Liberty: An Alternative to a Typical External Catheter

Men’s Liberty is an alternative to a typical external catheter that is intended to be worn for 24 hours or more. It works reliably for all types of male anatomy, and can be easily applied by the user or the caregiver. Men’s Liberty seals to the skin using a skin-sensitive, latex-free material called hydrocolloid; it seals as though it is a second skin and directs urine away from the body, lessening the chance for skin rash or irritation. Stay clean, dry, and comfortable all day and night.

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