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The Three C’s of External Catheters

The Perks of Using External Catheters for Men

If you’re currently using Foley catheters, condom catheters, or diapers or pads to manage male incontinence issues, you might be dealing with problems such as leakage, skin irritation, or even frequent urinary tract infections. Using an alternative to typical external catheters like Men’s Liberty, on the other hand, provides men with what we call the “three C’s”: convenience, comfort, and confidence.
external catheter convenience


A single Men’s Liberty can be left on for 24+ hours. It is simple to use and apply, and most men are able to change it themselves, depending on their abilities. It also makes things easier on caregivers, with its longer wear time and less chance for accidents. Eliminate the daily hassles of diapers, absorbent pads, or condom catheters, as well as clothing and linen changes.


Men’s Liberty can be discreetly worn under clothes, and keeps males comfortable, dry and odor-free all day and night. Urine leakage is directed away from the skin, lessening skin irritation. Plus, the risk of urinary tract infections can be greatly reduced, causing a decrease in the amount of visits to the doctor.


Enjoy an active lifestyle, getting back to doing all the things you love doing! Regain your independence and mobility and lessen feelings of depression that may come along with male urinary incontinence.

Improve Your Quality of Life!

Men’s Liberty is an alternative to typical external catheters. It works reliably for men who dribble throughout the day or have no control of their bladder at all, and men who are currently using diapers and incontinence pads.

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