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Urinary Incontinence Management: External Catheters

Male External Catheters – Should You Consider Using Them?

Some of the biggest disadvantages to internal or indwelling catheters include leakage and an increased risk for urinary tract infections. That’s why many men prefer an external catheter, or condom catheter, to better manage their urinary incontinence.

An external catheter, in general, is more comfortable and convenient, and allows most men to live a confident, active lifestyle.

The Disadvantages of a Typical Male External Catheter

However, not all external catheters are the same. Like indwelling catheters, the risk for urinary tract infection can be somewhat high, with almost 40% of users experiencing an infection if they’ve used an external catheter for an extended period of time.

Plus, some external catheters have been known to cause skin irritation, usually due to an improper fit. When not properly fitted, leakage can occur as well, adding to the irritation or even causing sores around the sensitive skin in the area.

Men’s Liberty: More than a Typical Male External Catheter

Men’s Liberty is not your typical external catheter. Designed for men of all ages, it uses a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that forms a complete seal without “pop-offs” that are more common with other types of external catheters.

Men’s Liberty was also designed to direct urine away from the skin, which may help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. To-date, there have been no reports of urinary tract infections or skin irritation from Men’s Liberty users.

Best of all, Men’s Liberty fits men of all sizes and works whether you leak a little or a lot. Whether your incontinence is caused by an injury, illness, is temporary or persistent, Men’s Liberty can get you back to the active, independent lifestyle you deserve.

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